Evoking the beauty, strength and grace through the smallest details from a photograph that subtly bring context to narrative.

Born 1996 in Singapore, Si Qi was introduced to photography in her uncle’s darkroom and took her very first portrait of her father when she was just 4 years old.

Si Qi’s specializes in taking .RAW, high quality photographs. She works mainly within the field of lifestyle, fashion, nature and landscapes.

And she can’t wait to discuss about your photography needs.

For art commissions/shoots, please send an e-mail at tansiqi@outlook.sg.

Work Experience:

Art Markets:
July 2016 - Now: Laugh & Belly
Online store: Laugh & Belly
Wall  Murals:
December 2015 - Now: Band of Doodlers

Made with Love

Paper Self
Happy Monday

Lovely Items 
Karma Collective 
Feathered Fedoras
WLC Shop
The Moon Label

Shirt Designer:
Girls Generation FC Singapore
Underground Singapore
Hougang Secondary School

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