Buying Packaging Free Groceries From Unpackt Singapore #LowWaste

Recently, a store called “Unpackt” launched in Singapore and they appeared in the local newspaper. Quoting from their About page: “The first zero-waste bulk store in Singapore that offers you the luxury of quality-assured food and daily lifestyle products in your own containers so you are free from plastic waste.”

I had to check it out. So I asked a few of my friends – all of them told me the place was too ‘ulu’ (rural) or they had a busy schedule. I didn’t care anyway, I went alone.


Since it is a package-free store, we gotta bring our own containers. These four glass containers are from Daiso. Honestly, glassware is the only thing I buy from them because they are the only things that are worth my $2.


Placed the containers in my tote bag and took a straight bus to Jalan Kuras. :-)


Actually, the place isn’t difficult to find at all. It’s right beside Esso, a gas station and a HUGE food centre. Walked for a few minutes and found me at its door.


The shop owner greeted me immediately. There were also two other ladies tending the store. It was during lunch hour so the ladies went off together to grab some food. The owner, Jeff Lam, served me himself.


Weighed my four containers and grabbed whatever was on my shopping list.


Damn. I carried 1.6kg with me?! 432g is the weight of the glass container. But hey, I’ll do anything to lower my impact on Planet Earth.

As I looked around the store, they also consigned items from small eco-friendly businesses. There were travel cutlery sets, reusable straws, unpackaged soaps… etc. I already have them so didn’t grab any. I just want my food.


They also don’t produce receipts as well. If needed, customers only can get it in an electronic format. Bravo! Bravoooooo~


This is the type of business that I would want to support. Plus, I get to plan what I need to get because in their Facebook page, they would update the list of bulk items they have in store. So, I already knew at the back of my mind that I just needed the 4 items. I just had a little problem identifying them. But all is good because the owner helped me out when I asked.


From left to right: Organic Chocolate Toasted Muesli, Organic Fusilli, Organic Sun Dried Figs and Organic Penne. Total cost: Around $43.50 (It’s a pretty good deal actually -considering the huge jar of figs.)

Everything organic and unpackaged from store to consumer. Awesome shit. I’m heading back again once I finish these. Gotta try their other types of cereal/muesli/snacks.

Thanks for serving me with a smile, Mr Lam! :-)

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