Canon Photo Marathon XV 2017

I set my alarm at 5.30am, 5.35am, 5.40am and 5.45am. And I still did not get up on time. I wanted to get the t-shirts and skip the long queue so I thought of being there early. But, meh. Took a taxi and I only reached at 7.15am, which technically wasn’t late- as the registration ends at 9am but doors open at 7am anyway.

The venue was at Suntec Convention Centre, ideal for big events like these. I met Lin and his friends first. Then, met my own buds.

The first theme was revealed at 9am. We had to do something about “Tilt”.

Here were some of my ideas:

I regretted my submission photo. :'(

The second theme was, “Celebration”. It may sound easy but, there wasn’t any celebration going on that day. We either had to stage one, or think “Celebration” in an unconventional way.


I got sunburned for this. Ivan, Elvin and I stood under the hot sun for hours. It wasn’t good. We made wrong decisions to put sparklers at mid-day, couldn’t see the fizzlesizzle at all. #lessonlearnedthehardway

The last theme was “Mysterious”, which was something I really really really love. Here’s some shots I took:



All the shots you see above were not edited at all. It came straight out of the camera. Except the watermark, hahaha!

Anyways, congratulations to all the winners of Canon Photo Marathon 2017. I can see why some photographs won. :-) I’ll be back next year, with more ideas, and maybe, with more friends!

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