Exploring Redhill

Redhill probably has the prettiest MRT station that I have ever seen.

Shot by Tan Si Qi. (C) Preserve 2017. All rights reserved.

It looks like it’s straight out of a Barbie toy house. The pink walls adorned it, making it look less boring than other MRTs in Singapore.

Shot by Tan Si Qi. (C) Preserve 2017. All rights reserved.

Even the walls of the male toilets are pink. Due to the fact that the model and I are both females, we of course, had no chance of going in. About the female toilet, it had a pretty long queue (which is completely normal). So, we skipped it.

Shot by Tan Si Qi. (C) Preserve 2017. All rights reserved.

We went towards the HDBs beside the MRT and tried to scout for more pink areas in the neighbourhood.

Shot by Tan Si Qi (C) Preserve 2017. All rights reserved.

We found the letterboxes to have slightly pinkish tones on its metal parts and figured it’ll be cool to pose in front of them. And after we do, we realized that it is a pretty ‘tight’ common area and people have to walk past us to make their way to the other side. I had to pause for almost five times because an auntie, or a domestic helper, or someone with kids on the pram had to walk past us.

Shot by Tan Si Qi (C) Preserve 2017. All rights reserved.

I remember saying: “Yes, yes, please carry on walking. It’s alright!”

While feeling so bad on the inside: “Holy shit so paiseh.”

I would have to put down the camera and then make the ‘yes please carry on’ action.


Oh by the way, the camera I used to take for all the photographs is a Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens. No, it is not mine. (I would already have been jumping up and down on an Instagram story if I did bought one.) The camera was rented during J Rental Centre’s Rent Tag.


I cannot afford one now, #studentproblems, that’s why renting was the way to go! It’s more affordable, temporary and I don’t have to worry about not liking the camera after spending thousands on it.

Another reason why I rented the camera was because I wanted to submit higher quality photographs to their competition. J Rental Centre is actually hosting a competition called ‘Picture Together’ and it encourages everyone, not only the professional photographers, to join the competition.

Shot by Tan Si Qi (C) Preserve. All rights reserved.

I joined the competition and was given three random themes, which surprisingly, was not in my comfort zone at all. They are: Pink, Construction and Youth. If you know me well, I’m a pretty emo photographer and I like to take photos of candid, sad, lonely and monochromatic scenes. It was a damn challenge, I tell ya!

Redhill, you’ve definitely saved my butt from the Pink theme for being all pink. Also, special shout out to Joanna, the model you see on all the photos. She’s my secondary school business partner. Yes, we started a blogshop together selling rings when we’re secondary two. It’s true. And now she’s my model. Awesome, right? ;-) #friendshipgoals

If you’d like to see my construction and youth photos, ha.. Then you’ll probably want to click that ‘follow’ button and be notified whenever I post a something new. That’s all for now! Ciao~!

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