Singapore Art Book Fair

Happening on 28 April 2017 to 30 April 2017.

Opening Night: 27 April 2017.


The pink-lit entrance is really pretty.


Those boxes there actually contains fans (not humans) and this year’s fair booklet about the exhibitors and official artist, and programmes happening each day. I might actually go again for the last day (30 Apr) as there would be a workshop on how to make your own stickers which I’m quite stoked for. I mean, stickers! And free! What!?!


Right beside the entrance was a wall of hanging zines, supposedly all were made by women of different countries. The one I picked up was actually made by Veronique Van Hoorick, a photozine (instead of a book).


Made my second zine (first one was my own project, which didn’t project) with Squelch Zines. They’re not funded by any company, they’re funded by their own pocket money from their day jobs. And they gave the zines out for free this year’s fair. One of the team members actually told me this: “If we sold this for $5, we wouldn’t get this much attention from people. Because, when people know that it costs money, they’ll just walk away.”


There were many talented artists and designers, printmakers and zine enthusiasts at the fair. It’s definitely worth a visit to Gilman Barracks, 7 Lock Road.


Looking at all the zines and all the paintings and all the work, I just wow-ed. The brains of today’s creatives are booming. It’s filled with ideas unimaginable by myself. I can truly say that I am extremely inspired by their work. A burst of inspiration! Burst! Boom boom!


I was also given an opportunity by Conversations of Us to exchange a postcard with a complete stranger. I cheated a little on my postcard-writing my Instagram out so that the stranger who receive my card can become my pen-pal. My dear stranger, please follow me or DM me so I can find out who you are. I’d be more than willing to actually meet ya up. That weird or nah? Haha.

Alright, till next time.

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