i Light @ Marina Bay Sands

I don’t know how long since I have caught up with Seng Hui, but I know it’s been a really long time. Sometimes we coincidentally meet each other on the bus to school, or during lunch breaks in school- but we never talked, we only said hi.

So, we met up.


All the photos taken were mostly silhouettes because light only came from the installations. To be very honest, it got boring after a while because it was really crowded and everyone copied poses from everyone.


And there was this very simple outline of a house. I wished they allowed people to enter and sit on the chairs, that would be really sick. #idea! However, there would need to be a lot of crowd regulations so that everyone would have a chance to take their photograph.

(C) Preserve 2017. All rights reserved.

Since it was really dark at night, I had to use ISO 1600 for most of my photographs. Sigh. I wish I have a better camera. Maybe I shall get a new one for my 21st birthday.

The sculptures were mostly made up of recycled materials. Saw one castle made entirely of Evian plastic bottles. It was lit blue and it looked magical, straight out of Cinderella.


Umbrellas… hmm. I think this installation looked better in the morning than at night. It was only blue for a few seconds and died down to a dirty green which I really ughhhhh don’t like.


Yes I made the wrong choice to wear black, and sleeves. I was really doing it for the gram. The weather in Singapore was so hot, I had two cups of cold brewed tea with me. (Nah, am kidding, the green tea one belongs to Seng Hui. Thanks for the treat, man!)

Will I go to the exhibition next year? Sure. But, with shorts sleeves.

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