Celebrating Chinese New Year in Malaysia

I came back to Malaysia a little bit late, not on the first week of Chinese New Year (CNY), but the second week. The celebrations have died down a little.

There weren’t much hype as there were when I came back to Malaysia last year. Man, it was fun, I travelled all the way here by myself.

Many people started their work already, that includes my dearest jiu mu and jiu jiu whom always took care of me whenever I stayed at my wai po‘s house. Of course, my wai po also takes care of me, but she doesn’t work anymore.

I still get angbaos from the neighbours. However, I didn’t really visit any relatives this time as time was really limited- I came back on Monday, only took 5 days leave and got to go back by Friday. My mother came along as well, thus this trip needed some schedule compromisation. My initial plan was to come back during CNY, but it was held back due to some reasons:

  1. The travel tickets were sold out/too unreasonably expensive.
  2. I had to visit my relatives from my father’s side.
  3. It was too late to take a 5-day-work leave.
  4. I had to do my university admission project before the trip.

Things cannot always go as planned. Sad face.

Anyways, my mother had not visited my granny since 8 years, which is a really really long period of time. Not sure of the exact reason. Hmm. Rather not know, actually. Thus, this trip was more important to her than to myself. She witnessed so many huge changes to the house (like, things got more modern and fancy) and also got updated on how many of the neighbours have already passed on (very weird thing to talk about death during CNY, but I guess my family is used to these stuff hahahaha).

I’m really glad I came back to Malaysia.

Times spent together like this can never be brought back again. And I’m glad my time spent here is with my dearest jiu jiu and jiu mu, whom were my superheroes when I was a kid. :-) They taught me to love nature, love the people around me, and how to sit and eat like a proper lady. Hahaha. And now, with Christ in the center, I realized that the things they did for me when I was a kid was because of Christ himself which inspired them to do so.

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