20 Things I Have Learned Throughout The 20 Years of My Life

Today is my 20th birthday, the day my mother squeezed me out of her woman parts. I was a really long baby. The doctor predicted that I will be a tall young lady. I suppose that is true, as I am taller than average Singaporean girls. I’m 5’6.

Today I finally have a 2 in front of my age again. The previous time I had a 2 was when I was 2! I was an adorable child, with huge black pupils which everyone adored (for that is what I was told) and barely any hair on my big head.

Today I received so many birthday wishes personally, through social media, Whatsapp messages and even through phone calls. The reason is because today is a Tuesday, and most people are working or studying. (Apparently I am not doing any of those at the moment. I am still finding a full time job and just graduated.)

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes, I feel appreciated and today felt a little bit more special than other days.

Here is 20 things I learned throughout the 20 years of my life:

1) Time is precious. In a blink of an eye, it’s already July 2016. I have bills now. Where did that come from?

2) Friends come and go, but family is forever. The best will always stay, stuck on your face like an octopus.

3) When people walk away, let them go. My destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves me. They aren’t bad people. It just means that their part in my story is over.

4) Life is a bed of roses. There are thorns. There are pricks who try to bring you down. Due to the fact I experienced them, I knew I didn’t want to be a prick. Cacti are cute but hugging them really hurts.

5) Listen to your own parents! I learned that my parents will always have more life experience than me and that their advises are always true. My parents supported me in (almost) everything I wanted to do. ‘Almost’ because some things I want to do, are often dreams that never can be achieved. I would complain about it, and make a fuss out of it. Then I would rebel and ‘just do it’. And when the thing goes wrong, I would come back like a failure. Yet, my parents understood.

6) Humility will always be exalted.

7) Modesty is beautiful.

8) Things cannot always go my way. Learning to accept the fact in silence is really difficult however the world does not revolve around me.

9) No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. To make that sound even more Christian-y, everyone sins.

10) Always be good-mannered, even at the lowest points of life. We need to always remember our “please” and “thank you”. (Although sometimes it may sound sarcastic to people.)

11) We love because God loves us first.

12) Be patient when cooking. Never leave the kitchen to do something else at another room. Things go wrong really quickly. While I was for my noodles to boil, I got bored and went to watch a video, promising myself to come back after one video. But, I got distracted and watched videos after videos for a whole hour. And then, I smelled something burning before remembering that my instant noodles were still cooking on the stove. My mom banned me from the kitchen for one month.

13) Being an adult is so new to me. There are more choices to make and the possible outcomes are endless. Sometimes I really just want to go back to being physically a child again.

14) Finding the perfect job is so difficult. I had so many interviews, and most of them did not get back to me. It was either because the job wasn’t suitable, or the interviewers and I just didn’t click.

15) I am created to create. I love making things. And through the things I am able to influence people. I bind books and design stuff. Find my stuff here > http://preserve.tictail.com

16) Always put others first before yourself. Don’t be selfish. It’s really a turn off.

17) Serve the ones who hate you. Take the lowest place, not the highest. Seek to serve, not to be served.

18) Never trust anyone completely, but God. Love people, but your full trust should only be in God.

19) Never mix business with friendship. They will always be in separate worlds, never together. I learned this through the hard way and great friendships were ruined.

20) Forgiveness starts with me. There will always be disagreements and people will quarrel. I will need to let go of my ego and be the first to say sorry. If not, who else?

Of course, in life we learn more than just 20 things. But those are just some. Anyways, I hope everyone would have a great day today! Ciao.

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