Exploring Punggol Waterway Park

So, an Instagram hub for Singaporeans, @instasg, announced that they would hold a photo walk at Punggol Waterway. I wanted to attend it so bad, I went for the first church service instead of the second (which is the service I usually go for).

Shot by Hui Yong. (C) Preserve 2016. All rights reserved.

I met a few new friends at the photo walk and also, the founder of @InstaSG.

Everyone had their own guns (I mean, DSLRs, but heeeeyyyyy, guns sound swaggier) while I just carried my small little Nikon S7000. I lost my Nikon D5500. For many photo shoots, I actually borrow a DSLR from my church mentor. I really hope she won’t get annoyed. Now, I’m saving for a new one.

(C) Preserve 2016. All rights reserved.

Before the photowalk start, the founder informed us that he needs a creative group photo of us so that he could feature it on @instasg. We were separated into two groups of 10? 11? 12? I don’t even know, the numbers grew as some people were late.

(C) Preserve. All rights reserved.

Oh, I also realized something. There weren’t many female photographers who joined us this photo walk. Most of them were male. I was placed into a group with all guys and I was the only girl. Ahem? WHERE ARE YOU FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHERS? COME OUT.


After taking numerous photographs of the same building, I got bored. So, I decided to take dead leaves. Yeah, I know.


Also, did I mention? There was a granny who joined us for the photo walk! She is SO COOL. She is TOTALLY YOUNG AT HEART. I want to be like her when I become a granny! I kinda regretted not taking a photograph with her. She is such #acoolgrandma. I wish my granny was so cool.

That Saturday was hectic. I had so many things to do:

  1. Meet two friends before church so that I could bring them along to my service.
  2. Send the friends to where they need to go after church.
  3. Go for the photo walk.
  4. Go to Sentosa for a performance and have a family staycation there.

It was sooooo busy. I’m really glad everything went well. There were no delays. I wasn’t late for anything at all. Thank God for the wonderful day.

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