Haji Lane

Collaborating with Emily’s shop, I got me a friend, Matthew, to help me model for Emily’s new collection. We headed to Haji Lane, the hippy streets of Singapore, with graffiti on the walls, bars and cafés to hang out at, and shops that sell almost everything (I saw a shop that sold military wear, like.. what the heck?!).

Matthew, February 2016.

The weather was really good that day. Praise the Lord. We reached at around 5.30pm, when the blue hour just started.

Matthew, February 2016.

The theme was supposed to be really sad and depressed, in the streets of Singapore. Concrete is my best friend.


I didn’t know empty beer bottles made such a good wall art.

Matthew, February 2016.

While walking around Haji Lane, we would find shops with really bright coloured doors, or the complete opposite: black.

Me, February 2016. Shot by Matthew.

The camera gave me some exposure problems and we had to abandon the black wall as it was giving really bright pictures.

\m/ I love You. Shot by Matthew.

And guys, if you have no idea what to take, just let your friend take candid photos of you. You would probably find something nice.


Any ways, this is what I wore for the shoot:


A simple black baseball cap, oversized black t-shirt, shorts (hidden), leggings and my GO BIG OR GO HOME Triple Sole Underground Wulfrun Creepers. The Nike drawstring bag belongs to Matthew. #sohealthgoth #hurhurhur

Go big or go home.

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