Made With Love

To bring more exposure to Project Jesus, my friends and I booked a booth at Temasek Polytechnic to sell cards as Valentine’s Day is coming.

The prints were sold at $3/card and customization was available at $4-$7/card depending on the design and time required. All the proceeds go back to the church, helping the community and the needy.

It wasn’t an easy job to tend a booth at all. Orders kept coming and coming, sometimes I wished the customization option was unavailable. Sometimes I wished I had more hands to help me write out the words.

Most of the customization requests were to write “Happy Valentines Day, [Name]” or “Happy Birthday, [Name]”. Man, we should have just designed it and printed it beforehand.

The funniest request was probably from an 40-year-old counsellor, he wanted us to write, “You are the first girl I like and the last woman I love.” It was for his childhood lover (now, his wife). It’s adorable to see the efforts of a man, trying to woo a woman.

To everyone who supported in this event, thank you. We would like to give our thanks by giving away some of the cards. You just have to do this:

  1. You should be following me on Instagram, or I’m not sure how you even know about this giveaway.
  2. Direct message me on Instagram @preserve the reason why you want the card, how many cards, and your address.
  3. You need to pay for the postage fees (50 cents per card). Screw it. I’ll pay the postage fees too.

I will randomly choose a design and mail it out to you.

Thank you for your support. Without it, it would have never been possible. Peace out.

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