Haunted (Abandoned)

Yesterday, the brave trio (consisting of me, Ted and Belinda) went to Pearl’s Centre abandoned car park to shoot a lookbook for Belinda’s new collection. The place clearly can be used as a place to shoot horror movies, that’s for sure.

Go Slow. Shot by Ted.

As the photos were taken during the haze period (the PSI Level of 300 gave me a hard time breathing and my eyes hurt).

Shot by Ted.

Obviously, candid shots are something not to miss. Go through every photo that you have taken during the photoshoot. Trust me you’ll find something good.

Shot by Ted. Cap from Feathered Fedoras.
Shot by Ted. Cap and Shirt from Feathered Fedoras.

It had been such a wonderful photoshoot. Everyone was so collaborative and Belinda is the friendliest shop owner I have ever known. I hope we would do it again soon. *wink wink*

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